Training Finance for Startups. Come and see us March 8th EPFL

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Training Finance for Startups. Come and see us March 8th EPFL

Don’t let your fear of finance get in the way of your success. Can you prepare a cashflow statement? Do you know the difference between an income statement and a balance sheet? Or understand why a business that’s profitable can still go belly-up?

This training Finance for Startups Basics is designed for founders, chiefs and developers that want to understand the basic principles of Finance and the obligations that the Swiss Law requires. Startups face financial issues that are specific to their industry. For example there is the Swiss Code of Obligations art 725 that deals with over-indebtedness, capitalisation or expensing of costs to build your prototype, shareholder issues, fundraising and cashflow problems. The decisions taken can have severe tax consequences.

Your trainer will be Jeroen van den Oever, a senior CPA with more than 20 years of experience in the field. He also has hands-on experience with startups as he has successfully founded and exited two startups.

This full day training course will help you:
(1) Learn the language of finance,
(2) Why startups fail, risks to be avoided,
(3) Experience what growth does to your financials,
(4) Assess your vulnerability to typical startup problems,
(5) Understand the Swiss Code of Obligations, and
(6) Invest smartly through cost/benefit analysis.

– No prior knowledge required to enter this course
– You will receive some homework a week before the course starts
– You will receive all the course slides and handouts at the start of the course
– We invite you to bring your own questions and cases
– We need 6 persons to participate as a minimum
– Maximum number of participants is 12
– Course location is at EPFL Lausanne. Location details will be communicated two weeks before the start of course
– Upfront payment at registration
– Course date is March 8th, 2017  from 9h00 to 17h00


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