Trademark availability search EU

Trademark availability search EU
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Task overview

Are you planning to launch or expand your business to the European Union? You need to be sure that you are free to use your trademark and tradename.

A first check is a availability search within the borders of the EU. If the outcome is positive it is in your best interest to register your trademarks and tradenames.

– Objective: Establish whether or not a Trademark is free for registration within all 26 countries of the European Union.
Availability consists of two parts:
o No identical or similar trademarks registered and
o is the trademark capable of distinguishing the relevant goods and services.

– a clear advise on the registrability of the trademark in the EU. A list of similar trademarks and copies of the most relevant trademarks found.
– intake and presentation of the results via Zoom
– delivered within 4 workdays

– The trademark is a word or a combination of numbers and letters
– The relevant goods and services can be categorised within 1 class (International Nice classes – document provided)

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