Post your own Custom Task

Post your own Custom Task
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Task overview

Can’t find the Task that 100% matches your need?

Please post a Custom Task and we will contact you to discuss the Task you want done and advise the best Accountant Tasker to connect with you. To post a Custom Task you need to register as a Client. In your Taskboard Menu you will find a Tab named Custom Task. You can post your Task there.

Do consider adding as much information as possible. Matching you with an Accountant Tasker will be a lot easier. Please share the following information: What is the objective of your Task, expected deliverables, the timeline you expect it to be delivered and approximative budget you have in mind? Also let us know if the work can be done online or you need an Accountant to visit you.

Don’t forget to share your direct phone number or email address where we can best reach you. We are accountants ourselves and though we do not execute Tasks, we do know what you are talking about. This call is free of charge.

Your Custom Task is not shown on the website and is only visible to us.

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  • PriceFree of Charge
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