Looking for Internship in accounting?

Looking for Internship in accounting?
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Looking for an internship in accounting?

Please sign up and let us know! We are looking for interns for bookkeeping and payroll.

You would need to have the relevant education (please let us know) and the internship needs to be part of the curriculum of your school. Languages used are French and/or English. You will work with us online, supported by our seniors and your work will be reviewed by one of our senior accountants. We offer internships for the duration of a maximum of 6 months and you could sign up from a minimum of 1 day a week. It may be a good opportunity for you to see what it means to be an accountant working online in the comfort of your home and the support of our senior accountants.

We use bexio software for our payrolling.

We are accountants too and very well understand the issues related to what clients are asking Taskers to do. We have been in this profession for over 20 years and have been involved in a lot of hiring of accountants and engaging with clients. Trust us when we say that we know what we are talking about. We even have the T-shirt.

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