Internal Control System Testing

Internal Control System Testing
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Task overview

Following the 2008 revision of the Swiss Code of Obligations, companies in Switzerland have to establish an internal control system. Isn’t it about time you reviewed your company’s ICS to determine its effectiveness and any amendments needed?

The requirement to have an internal control system is not explicitly stipulated in the Code of Obligations as a duty of the audited company; rather, it is specified as an audit objective of the auditor. Pursuant to Article 728a of the code, auditors must examine whether an internal control system exists. Furthermore, pursuant to Article 728a the auditors must take the system into account when performing and determining the scope of the audit. The above provisions apply only to companies that are subject to a regular audit pursuant to Articles 727 and following of the code. It therefore follows that the legislature expects those companies which are subject to a regular audit to have an internal control system in place. Due to the fact that the audit requirements are independent of the legal form of an organization, different legal entities such as corporations, limited liability companies, cooperatives, associations or foundations may be required to set up an internal control system if they are subject to a regular audit

An organization’s internal control system covers all of the procedures, methods and controls established by its board of directors and management in order to ensure the proper functioning of business operations. Internal controls are an integral part of an entity’s business processes.

Deliverables of this Task
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– You have an existing ICS in written form including risks, mitigation actions and reference to evidence
– You will keep your relevant personnel available
– The price listed includes the execution, coordination and reporting on the testing performed.

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