Accounting for a Swiss Holding

Accounting for a Swiss Holding
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Task overview

A holding company in Switzerland is an strong solution for investors who need to manage substantial shares (majority) of other companies, especially when they are resident for tax purposes outside the Swiss borders. The laws of some specific cantons provide permanent tax benefits for Swiss holding companies and, in order to qualify for the status of Holding in these cantons, it is necessary that investments in foreign companies represent at least two-thirds of the total assets or revenues. The Swiss holding companies must have at least 20% or CHF 2 million of the share capital of other companies and they pay a reduced tax on the dividends they received.

As activity in the Holding is normally very low, we have come up with a simple solution to be compliant with Swiss law.

This package is perfect for you if you have established a Swiss Holding. You have no activities in this Holding and you only manage investments and/or subsidiaries. You have a limited number of transactions and do not employ any employees. As rules on the Swiss Holding are strict you need to be fully compliant with the Swiss Code of Obligations. We offer to perform all the accounting tasks that the law in Switzerland requires at an interesting price.

Our ‘Accounting for a Swiss Holding Company’ package includes
– Monthly bookkeeping including Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
– Mandatory VAT declaration every quarter and annual
– Mandatory annual income tax declaration
– Free yearly meeting with your accountant
– The use of bookkeeping software is included in the package

– Use of bookkeeping software provided with this package
– Annual upfront payment at registration
– You have a maximum of 60 transactions per year
– You upload every month your bank statement to be processed
– You upload every month scans of your invoices

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